Material culture


Thursday February 6th 2020, 5:45pm – 7pm,

Oakeshott Room, Berrow Foundation Building, Lincoln College, Oxford.


Lucy Wooding is Langford Fellow and Tutor in History at Lincoln who researches the English Reformation and the political, religious and cultural transformations which English society experienced during the long 16th century. Recently, she has been working on the cultural history of late medieval and early modern religion, exploring the interlinking of image, text and memory and charting its reconfiguration in post-Reformation religious culture. Additionally, she is writing a book titled Tudor England which aims to integrate the political and religious history of the period with the insights derived from social and cultural history, combining chapters which give an overview of current scholarship with more provocative essays on themes including material culture, landscape and performance.


Henry S. Kim earned his MPhil in Classical Archaeology at Oxford and currently serves as Director and CEO of the Aga Khan Museum, a museum of Islamic Art in Toronto that opened in 2014. Prior to this he was curator of Greek coins at the Ashmolean Museum and University Lecturer in Greek Numismatics at the University of Oxford. He was responsible for the Ashmolean Redevelopment Project and the creation of the University Engagement Programme, a Mellon funded project aimed at expanding the use of museum objects in teaching across the University. His interests lie in how objects can be used to tell untold stories and illustrate connections among cultures.


Branwen Phillips is a final-year undergraduate student at Lincoln College reading Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. Her thesis will explore the factors affecting the appearance of the Fayum Mummy-Portraits in the British Museum’s collection. Alongside her studies Branwen is an editor and writer for Alexandria, the Oxford undergraduate Classics journal, and she is in the process of applying for an Archaeology master’s programmes for the coming academic year. When not in Oxford, Branwen enjoys travelling, and she has been to museums and archaeological sites in Germany, Greece, and Turkey in the past twelve months. She hopes to travel to Egypt soon.



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