Material Culture

Theme: The Power of the Image

Date: 28th February 2017
Podcast: To follow

Dr Joshua Thomas (Fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford)
Robert Kerr (Head of Sales & Marketing at Burberry)
Sarah Bochicchio (MSt in Modern History)

Chair: Emily Glassford (DPhil in History)
Organiser: Heather Mann (DPhil in History)

Speaker Biographies:

Dr Joshua Thomas completed his undergraduate, Masters, DPhil and now his fellowship at Lincoln College, Oxford. His DPhil in Classical Archaeology at Lincoln studied ‘Art and Natural Science in the Hellenistic World’. He is involved in the NYU-led excavation and research project at Aphrodisias, a Greek city of the Roman period in South-West Turkey and will be talking about a few ancient works of art that help to demonstrate the importance of context when diagnosing the power of a particular image.

Robert Kerr was a student at Lincoln between 1971-75 studying Modern Languages. He spent 39 years at Burberry in senior roles. His most recent position was Director of Customer Operations from 2007 until June 2016. He will discuss the history of the type of images used in Burberry advertising from the start of the 20th century to the present day.

Sarah Bochicchio graduated from Brown University last May with a thesis on the clothing choices of Queen Elizabeth I. She is now an MSt student in British and European History at Lincoln, looking at invocations of Elizabeth I by the late Stuart Queens, Mary II and Queen Anne. Outside of history, she is interested in fashion and arts journalism and, unsurprisingly, writes often about women, fashion, power, and identity.

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