MCR Academic Rep (18-19)

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MCR Academic Rep (17-18) and Organiser: Series 2

Paul Stephens (DPhil in English)

Paul Stephens is a DPhil candidate and Warden at Lincoln College, Oxford. His doctoral thesis – ‘Percy Bysshe Shelley and the Economic Imagination’ – examines the poet’s work through the disciplinary lens of economic philosophy, exploring how his understanding of concepts such as value, money, and debt are shaped by his metaphysics and epistemology. His broader interests include the literature, philosophy, and economics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Before commencing his DPhil, he completed an MSt in Literature & Arts at the University of Oxford, and spent several years as a member of the finance team for heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Paul’s research is supported by an AHRC-Sloane Robinson Foundation Studentship.

MCR Academic Team (17-18)

Francesca Donnellan (DPhil in Clinical Medicine)
Emily Glassford (DPhil in History)
Lauren Malm (MSt in English (1700-1830))
Heather McTaggart (MSt in British & European History (1500-))
Caspar Pfrunder (MSt in British & European History (1500-))
Xanita Saayman (DPhil in Molecular Cell Biology)
Irene Wang (MSt in History of Art & Visual Culture)

MCR Academic Rep (16-17) and Organiser: Series 1

Heather Mann (DPhil in History)

Heather Mann is currently completing a DPhil in History at Lincoln College, Oxford. Her thesis, ‘Holocaust Memory and its Mediation by Teachers: its Study in Three European Cities’, uses oral history to study teachers’ memory of the Holocaust in Lincoln in Britain, in Aix-en-Provence in France, and Linz in Austria, to study the evolution of Holocaust education, memory and national mythology inside the classroom. Heather completed her Masters thesis at the University of Oxford on the evolution of British Holocaust education and prior to that worked as a secondary school teacher in the UK and Germany. Heather has just completed a work placement in UNESCO where she worked in Education about the Holocaust and preventing genocide.

MCR Academic Team (16-17)

Sarah Bochicchio (MSt in Modern British & European History)
Sudheesh Ramapurath Chemmencheri (DPhil in International Development)
Francesca Donnellan (DPhil in Clinical Medicine)
Emily Glassford (DPhil in History)
Prateek Katti (DPhil in Medical Engineering)
Lloyd Pinnell (MSc in Economics)
Paul Stephens (DPhil in English)

Politics 2017 2

MCR Academic Team 2020/21 (Series 5)

MCR Academic Team 2019/20 (Series 4)

MCR Academic Team 2018/19 (Series 3)

MCR Academic Team 2017/18 (Series 2)

MCR Academic Team 2016/17 (Series 1)

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